"There is no knowledge of how ancient we become..."
- Elynia
"In Elynia, Belczyk's lyric voice and poignant portraits reconnect us to a perpetual shelter that's closer than we'd ever imagined."
- Paul Nelson, author of A Time Before Slaughter
"A murky anonymity looms over Elynia, allowing the luminous world to pronounce itself as it simultaneously emerges and dissipates away ...   This book tunes our ears to the tonality of a voice we have forgotten how to hear: you have no choice but to recognize it as your own."
- Jarret Middleton, author of An Dantomine Eerly
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An interconnected cast that spans four generations struggles for redemption, love, and peace.  An immigrant cobbler sees his son wrongly arrested by a man whose shoes he has shined. The memory of a boy’s deceased mother is betrayed when his friends use her makeup as gag. A disillusioned waitress secretly admires a man who atones for his troubled past by refurbishing a house, while her former lover laments his loss by tracing her footsteps across the floors of her empty home.  A storm looms, bringing the stories together across time and place, uniting them all by their common humanity. These intense portraits are packed with intelligent allegory and lyricism that together culminate in one bright mosaic picture.
- Dark Coast Press
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